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How It Works

In today's economy 30 to 90-day pay terms are standard. These long pay terms can create "Cash Flow Stress" to growing companies.

Our specially designed Factoring Lines can ease your stress by allowing you to access the capital that is tied up in your accounts receivables. What’s more, Set-up is as easy as 1-2-3.

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Regina Government Contractors

Working with the government offers many benefits, including quality contracts, consistent projects and potentially big profits.

Unfortunately, as a government contractor, it can be expensive to bid on, much less complete, available projects. Many government contractors are required to purchase materials, possess the necessary equipment and employ quality individuals before ever obtaining a contract to do work. These costs can quickly add up.

Adding to the challenging of operating as a government contractor are the lengthy pay terms often associated with governmental projects. In many cases, you may be left waiting weeks or months for payment, even after your work has been completed.

These delays in payment can lead to significant financial strain for even the most established government contractors; when you've already spent thousands of dollars on a project and are forced to wait for payment, meeting the other financial obligations of your business can be difficult.

Factoring May Be the Answer

Fortunately there is a solution to negative cash flow for many government contractors - the invoice factoring process. The factoring process provides instant payment for your completed invoices, allowing you to obtain the operating capital you need to continue to advance your business. Factoring is a viable option for many government contractors involved in a wide range of projects, including:

  • Large Construction
  • Roadway Repair or Development
  • Utilities Installation
  • Renovations
  • Repairs
  • Landscaping

About Government Contractors

Government contractors are private companies who offer goods or services to a branch or entity of the government. In many cases, government contractors are offered contracts that specify costs plus - this means that the government contractor receives payment for costs associated with the project, plus a profit margin that is specified during the creation of the agreement.

Government contractors are utilized for a wide range of services or goods, including:

  • Security
  • Defense applications
  • Aerospace applications
  • Infrastructure repair or construction
  • Construction
  • Architectural planning
  • Land development
  • Transportation
  • Road, highway and bridge construction

In many cases, government contractors must undergo a bidding process before receiving work. During the bidding process, government contractors will offer an estimated cost for the project. The government then selects a contractor based on these bids and other factors.

What is government contract invoice factoring?

Invoice factoring is a financial transaction in which a business owner sells an invoice to a factoring company at a reduced rate of the invoice's value. The business owner receives immediate payment for the invoice, and the factor handles the process of recovering payment from the original debtor.

Our government contract invoice factoring services are designed to eliminate cash flow issues and give owners the operating capital needed to cover the financial obligations of the business and to explore new opportunities within the industry.

Additional Services for Government Contractors

Our services extend beyond factoring. We also provide several additional services that are designed to help your government contract business succeed, including:

  • A/R Management for Government Contractors: Government Contractors are provided a dedicated Relationship Manager who is experienced at working with governmental entities. This Relationship Manager will assist you in a wide range of services including: integration with billing software, Invoice handling, image archiving, payment posting and comprehensive account reporting available 24/7, through our secure online system.
  • Collection Services for Your Government Contractor Company: Over the years, TCI Business Capital has built solid relationships and become familiar with the accounts payable departments of governmental entities nationwide. These close relationships have allowed us to obtain a firm understanding of all the different and often cumbersome billing requirements that are common in this industry. This information is invaluable in situations involving nonpayment or underpayment of invoices; we handle the task of collecting payment for your invoices without alienating your business partners.
  • Credit Analysis and Risk Assessment for Government Contractors: In today's economic climate, the need to understand and minimize risk is essential to your success. We provide this valuable service to all of our customers.
  • Fuel Cards and Discounts for Government Contractors: Our dry bulk shipping customers are eligible to receive free setup to the 24-7 Fuel Card. This Fuel card is available for use at over 8000 locations nationwide and offers users significant discounts at major fuel centers nationwide.
  • Treasury Service for Government Contractors: Our fully automated and flexible treasury department allows you to decide how you want your funds transferred on a daily basis. Funds can be dispersed via: Wire, ACH, to a Fuel Card account and more.

For more information about Regina Factoring Company services for Government Contractors call 800-280-3335, or Get Started today!